Sizing Up Your TV: OLED Vs. QLED

Samsung OLED TV

Technology is a fast-moving game and sometimes it seems like it will just keep moving on without you. With new and different styles, models, and names it is hard to keep up with and sometimes even harder to not get roped into the new and most expensive televisions. We, here at Alamance TV, look to educate our customers and make life long, trusted, connections as opposed to just making the sale. 

What are OLED TVs and QLED TVs?

As opposed to your normal LED or Plasma TVs, OLEDs and QLEDs create the ultimate experience for whatever you decided to watch on it. Both TVs will give you an incredibly bright and clear picture while also giving you amazing surround sound which is highly impressive with the size of the TV itself. On the outside you might not be able to tell the difference from just looking at them but once you get into the inner workings of both, OLED TVs and QLED TVs, you can see what the true difference is between them.

What are the differences between OLED TVs and QLED TVs?

From the outside it would be close to impossible to determine which was which unless you had a previous knowledge of these TVs. The differences really start to shine through when you look inward. The inner mechanics of OLEDs work based off of an organic, self-illuminating material. Each of these individual pixels has its own power supply which is how they manage to make these TVs with no back light system. With no back light system these TVs are extremely thin but it also makes for deeper blacks and brighter, richer colors. With QLED TVs, the technology is based on Quantum Dots. Quantum Dots are tiny crystals that convert normal blue LED light into a white light that contains every color on the spectrum. This makes for beautiful colors as well as avoiding blue tinted blacks from normal LED lights. While OLED TVs pride themselves on being blur free at any angle, QLED TVs have a matte finish and an anti-reflection coating which many shoppers really enjoy from both because they have the freedom to choose their desired location when placing the TV in their home.

The biggest difference comes down to the price tag. Depending on the series and size of the TV they can both come with a hefty price tag. Recently the prices for both the OLED TVs and the QLED TVs have come to be quite similar for sizes around 55”. When they start getting into bigger sizes the OLED still takes the lead for their price point. The reason being that OLED is a brand-new kind of technology where as the QLED’s technology is based off of preexisting LED technology.

Which TV will be best for me?

The best way to determine this would be to stop in and see us. We’ve recently extended our hours to 8AM-6PM Monday through Friday and 10AM-4PM on Saturdays. We look forward to finding what works best for YOU!