Ryson Space Saver Conversation Sofa

U-Shaped reclining sofa


The Ryson Space Saver Conversation Sofa is an exceptional piece of furniture designed for both comfort and style. Here are the key features of this sofa:

  • Design and Comfort:
    • The Ryson Sofa is engineered for countless hours of binge-worthy shows and Sunday gameday parties.
    • It features a slight U-shape, creating a more conversational setting for friends and family.
    • Throughout the group, you’ll find Performa-Weave® chaise lounges, which offer cooler and more durable seating.
  • Customization Options:
    • Choose from over 700 fabric options or three top-grain leather choices to make it your own.
    • Tailor the amount of pillow fiber in the top and bottom back cushions to suit your preference using the zipper access in the top.
  • Reclining Options:
    • Recline to any position at the push of a button with the Power option.
    • Get extra head and neck support with the Power Tilt Headrest option.
    • Enjoy the convenience of built-in USB ports on power units.
  • Dimensions:
    • Unit Height: 43.5″
    • Seat Height: 20.5″
    • Unit Width: 87.5″
    • Seat Width: 64.5″
    • Unit Depth: 43.5″
    • Seat Depth: 22″
    • Arm Height: 26.5″

Complete the group by adding the matching loveseat and recliner.