Putting the U in Furniture

When beginning to think about purchasing new furniture there are always things that must be considered before buying. What is your main priority? What can you fit? Do you want to spend more for longevity or just get the area furnished? These are all important things to think about before starting your search. Like choosing anything, it is hard to know exactly what is wanted, especially with the number of options that are presented to you throughout your every day. We hope to give you a bit more clarity going into your shopping adventure so it may help in choosing the right piece for you.

Before even thinking about getting new furniture, you should ask yourself: Am I shopping for comfort or for style? 9 times out of 10, there won’t have to be a sacrifice made on either end but that one time where you love one piece but can’t get it in the color you need, will you get the piece because you love it and it’s comfortable or will you not get it because it doesn’t go with your other furniture? These are important questions to ask yourself, keep in mind, there is not wrong answer and more often than not you won’t have to make any sacrifice for style or comfort, but on the off chance that you do have to make that decision, you want to know what will truly make you happy in the long run. This question might take some time to determine which path you would like to ultimately go with but it will be better to think about it when you aren’t pressured in store to make a decision.

One of the most important parts of furniture shopping is knowing the space you are going to put the furniture in. A great thing to bring with you when you start going into stores is measurements. Even just rough measurements can be the difference between delivery and disaster. We would hate for you find the perfect pieces, get everything all set up for delivery and when we come to deliver it, some of the pieces don’t fit through the door or they don’t fit in the space you had bought them for. Having some frame of reference, whether it be the measurements of your old furniture or the measurements of the room, is a tremendous help when furniture shopping.

Price is a tricky part of the whole buying process. You could spend a little extra to get a quality piece and possibly not love it in 5 years or you could spend less and have it possibly not even last a year. Price is always a delicate subject to dance around but in the long run it is probably best to pick pieces that are considered “timeless.” Neutral colors and shapes are typically the best if you are shopping for longevity because you can dress them up with décor or you could keep them simple. Don’t cut yourself off by checking the price tag, many furniture stores will have in-store financing or they will have an outside company you can finance through. We don’t believe price should ever be a restriction to your comfort and happiness so we offer both in store and multiple outside companies to give our customers a range of options when it comes to their money and how they are choosing to spend it.

In the end there is no wrong direction to go when you are shopping for your own furniture. Whatever works and looks best in your eyes will be the best for you and there is no guide or guru that will know you better than you. If you want a hot pink corduroy sofa because it is the most comfortable thing you have ever sat in then go for the hot pink sofa. If you want a brown leather sofa to match the rest of your other furniture then go for that sofa. This furniture is going to be in your home for years to come and you don’t want to be reminded of a piece that you absolutely despise every time you see it in your home. Here at Alamance TV & Home Furnishings we are worried more about making you happy than making a sale. If we don’t have something you love, let us order it for you or we can help you narrow down ideas of what styles and materials you might like. Like in life, don’t settle because you feel like you have to, the right people will put forth that extra effort to get the perfect pieces for you and we strive to be the right people.