Motion Essentials VI Adjustable Base

Standard dual adjustable base.

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Customize your sleep experience with Serta’s best-selling adjustable base, now upgraded with several convenient features. Whether you’re relaxing, working, or sleeping, this adjustable foundation ensures maximum comfort. Let’s dive into the key features:

  1. Wireless Remote: Easily control the head and foot articulation using the included wireless remote. Adjust your mattress position effortlessly.
  2. One Touch Flat Preset Position: Need to quickly return to a flat position? Just press the preset button, and the mattress will adjust accordingly.
  3. Zero-Gravity Preset Position: Experience weightlessness and calmness with the Zero-Gravity preset. It helps relieve pressure points and provides a soothing sleep environment.
  4. Slim Profile Design: The base has a sleek and modern design that won’t overpower your existing furniture.
  5. USB A & C Charging Ports: Charge your devices conveniently from the comfort of your bed. The additional USB-C port ensures compatibility with modern devices.
  6. 12” Stackable Legs (3” increments): Customize the height of the base to match your existing bed frame or preferences.

Ergomotion Features:

  • Zero Standby Power System: Minimizes energy consumption when not in use.
  • Power Outage Protection: Rest assured that your adjustable base won’t lose its settings during power outages.
  • Silent Drive Motors: Quietly adjust your mattress position without disturbing your sleep.
  • Gravity Release: Safely lowers the base in case of emergencies.

Accessory Options:

  • Headboard Brackets: Attach your existing headboard to complete the look.