Matte Black Table Lamp

Large textured lamp.

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The MATTE BLACK Table Lamp is a stylish and contemporary lighting option that adds sophistication to any room. Here are the key features:

  • Design: The lamp features a sleek and modern design with a polyresin body finished in matte black. Its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic make it suitable for various interior styles.
  • Height: Standing at 32 inches tall, this table lamp provides ample illumination for reading, working, or creating a cozy ambiance.
  • Base Texture: The textured base adds visual interest and depth to the lamp. It’s a subtle detail that enhances its overall appeal.
  • Versatility: Place it on a side table, nightstand, or console to brighten up your living room, bedroom, or home office.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: StyleCraft is known for its commitment to quality. This lamp is well-crafted and built to last.