Etoile Wall Art in Frames

Set of 2 simple landscape prints featuring a water scene

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This photo shows two framed paintings of a similar autumn landscape scene featuring tall, thin trees with golden leaves, standing beside a body of water. The paintings are almost identical, except for some minor differences in the colors and shapes of the trees and their reflections. The paintings have dark brown frames with beige borders, and they are placed side by side on a white wall. The paintings depict an autumn landscape with tall, slender trees that have golden leaves. The trees are reflected in the calm waters at their base, indicating a lake or pond. In the background of each painting, there is a subtle hint of more foliage and sky, painted in muted tones to emphasize the trees in the foreground. The paintings have a simple and elegant style, as they use minimal details and colors to create a harmonious and tranquil scene. The paintings also show the artist’s skill in capturing the beauty and mood of the autumn season.