Tons of your Alamance County neighbors have switched to streaming online and getting their favorite local channels through digital antennas. Whether indoor or outdoor, these antennas are sure to save you hundreds compared to cable. Click here for more pricing information.

Channel Master 4228
Channel Master Outdoor EXTREMEtenna
  • 80 mile range
  • Save hundreds monthly
  • Full installation included in pricing
  • Ability to be placed on top of home or in select attics
  • Between 30 and 70 channels (depending on area)
  • Tons of your favorite channels (GRIT, MeTV, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and MANY more!)

RCA Outdoor Digital Rotator
  • Remote controlled (No need to have anyone turn it by hand)
  • Optional with antenna installation
  • Get even MORE channels turning your antenna towards Greensboro, High Point, Raleigh-Durham etc.
  • Programmable to certain directions

Channel Master Titan 2 Amplifier
  • Get even MORE channels by amplifying your signal
  • Get clearer signal on your favorite channels
  • Best for when you want to split one antenna signal to multiple TVs