Denim Dance Prints in Frames

Set of 4 coastal prints featuring a landscape with hills, water and sand

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The photo shows four framed abstract paintings of seascapes, each depicting different atmospheric conditions and times of day. The paintings are arranged in a two by two grid, and have a white border around them. The paintings use variations in color and brush strokes to create different moods and settings for the seascapes such as:

  • Stormy Sea: A dark and gloomy painting with greenish hues and thick strokes, suggesting an overcast or stormy day with hills or forests in the background.
  • Windy Sea: A lighter and more dynamic painting with white crests of waves and thin strokes, suggesting a windy day at sea under partly cloudy skies.
  • Sunset Sea: A warm and calm painting with yellowish hues and smooth strokes, suggesting a peaceful sunset hour with a reflective sea.
  • Sunrise Sea: A similar painting to the Sunset Sea, but with more orange and pink hues and slightly more contrast, suggesting a bright and cheerful sunrise hour with a clear sky.