Clay Vases

Colorful set of clay vases.

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Elevate your space with this 4-piece multicolor standard clay vase set! These stylish vases are perfect for spreading a cheery, yet delicate pop of color to any room. As a convenient set of 4, these vases will help you create a cohesive, unified look throughout your carefully designed space. Here are the key details:

  • Design: The matte finish and different shaped vases add unique dimension and texture to their surroundings. Whether you group them together or display them individually, they make a statement.
  • Materials: Made of Honduras clay, these vases are both sturdy and lightweight.
  • Colors: The set includes four different colors: orange, blue, green, and cream.
  • Dimensions:
    • Small Vase: Diameter 5 1/2″, Height 7 1/2″
    • Medium Vase: Diameter 5 1/2″, Height 9″
    • Large Vase: Diameter 5 1/2″, Height 10″
    • Extra-Large Vase: Diameter 5 1/2″, Height 12″