Athen Barrell Swivel Recliner

Modern, swivel recliner.

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The Athen Swivel Recliner is a stylish and comfortable addition to any living room. Here are the key features of this recliner:

  • Design: The Athen Swivel Recliner boasts a modern and contoured perimeter with a captivating profile. Its hidden comfort features make it an inviting choice for relaxation.
  • Comfort Options: You can choose between a simple pushback action or opt for the power recline option, which features metallic touch buttons. The power version allows for approximately 150-degree swivel.
  • Materials: The recliner combines a swivel base with a plush cushioned seat. It features a cottony soft cover and a high-density quilt foam layer.
  • Size: The overall dimensions are as follows:
    • Width: 31.50 inches
    • Depth: 35.50 inches
    • Height: 41.50 inches
    • Arm Width: 22.50 inches

The Athen Swivel Recliner is part of the Best Home Furnishings collection and is available to order in various finishes and fabrics. Please note that the finish or fabric in-store may differ from the photo currently pictured.