Alamance TV and Home Furnishings

Our family owned and operated business has been serving the home entertainment needs of Alamance and surrounding counties of North Carolina for more than 60 years.

We offer you the very best service and support from our highly trained and experienced technicians. Whether you need a small television for the kitchen or a large screen for the family room, Alamance TV can supply you with the best brands on the market. Because we're a member of the Brand Source Buying Group, we also have the best prices available!

Selection. Installation. Service. Support.

Buying Guide For Your New Mattress

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We wake up in the morning and that old mattress we’ve been laying on for “who knows how many years” makes us feel 10 years older than we really are. Your back aches, you feel like you’ve been asleep for 8 minutes instead of 8 hours. Face it, it’s time for a new mattress.

Here’s how…